Monday, August 2, 2010

Sylvan Neckwarmer & Cowl

You know how sometimes NASA spends weeks preparing for a shuttle mission, days just in rolling the shuttle from the hangar out to the launch pad, and then minutes before liftoff they call the whole thing off? The start of this blog has been a bit like that for me. It seemed like a good plan when I made that first post, but then "climatic conditions" intervened... But this time, for real - start the countdown and buckle up!

To clear the decks, I'll post the photos and information for some patterns I've published recently, then move on to writing about designs in progress.
If you spent time around Hilltop Yarn or went on the Puget Sound LYS Tour a couple of years ago, you may recognize the green neckwarmer shown here. Now known as the Sylvan Neckwarmer, it is available on my Ravelry store in a revised and expanded form. In addition to better finishing instructions, it now includes the Sylvan Cowl (shown here in purple) Both patterns are designed to use just one skein of Curious Creek's gorgeous Serengeti superwash DK yarn.

To see more colors in Serengeti, as well as the other yarns in the Curious Creek line please check out their site