Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's on my needles? Speed!!

A slight digression from knitting today...

For the last few years, the Rocket Boys have been participating in a pinewood derby race. Each year, they have done various amounts of work on their own cars, and much of the painting, but all of the details have been left to "the art department". That would be me, of course. I have made Domo-kun and penguins out of fimo clay, also sci-fi -esque engines and weapons, etc. Every year I think that they are having all the fun and I really should enter my own car, but then get sidetracked. This was to be the last year they do it together, and my husband was also entering a vintage car of his own, so I decided it was time. I figured it had to represent me, so a knitting theme was the obvious choice, and I pondered all the possibilities until just a day before the race when the face-palm "Doh!" moment finally happened. The block had already been shaped, sanded and painted into the closest representation I could make of a knitting needle. How to work some yarn into the design was the detail eluding me until I finally realized that I could make it look as if there were actually knitting on the needle and make the WIP look like a fin on the "car". Or maybe like this it looks more like a rocket? It works, either way, in my opinion. There certainly was no other car in the race that looked anything like her. There she is on the starting line of the first heat...not the fastest car in the race, but it was a lot of fun.