Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hungry Like A...(or Secret Project #1 Reveal)

At long last, I can reveal what I was doing with that gorgeous String Theory Caper Aran in Secret Project #1! Here she is, the Huntress. In the Knitscene Blog post where Lisa Shroyer, editor of Knitscene, named me one of the 8 Designers to Watch in 2012, I was described as "not being afraid of odd challenges from quirky editors." "Huntress" was the source of that cryptic comment. I was working on a different way to shape a scarf, trying to get a little more neck coverage in the front, but nice long sides without too much bulk around the neck. And, of course, to avoid the insanely long final BO row that some of just hate at the end of a lot of shawlettes. The first piece with that structure was submitted to Knitscene with a very different stitch pattern. (No spoilers - this pattern will be out soon!) At the end of the decision process, Lisa e-mailed and asked if I would consider changing the stitch pattern to show an animal, so that it could fit a theme for a different issue. Somehow, she had looked at the geometric pattern I had used, and seen a wolf peering out from there! Altering my perspective, I too saw the wolf, and changed the pattern completely. Then it seemed clear that the wolf should emerge at the edge of a forest under the light of a full moon, and I never looked back... Normally, representational or pictorial knitting is not what I'm drawn to do, either with intarsia or lace, but this was just too good a challenge to pass up. Sometimes, it's good to step out of the comfort zone.


alittleweirdo said...

This is adorable! Yay for stepping out of your comfort zone :)

Jennifer Chase-Rappaport said...

Hey thanks! Glad to hear from you!