Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Sale!

Rocketboy #1 has just informed me that these few days in the early 20's of December are "the slowest, most torturous of the entire year." In truth, we are a family of mixed traditions and have actually been celebrating for a couple of weeks already, so he has nothing to complain about! but even so, this image from my favorite of all classic holiday tv specials reminds me of the two Rocketboys waiting and groaning about how long it will be til there are presents to open. Are you feeling that way too? Is there a packeage of yarn, or a new needle set under your Christmas tree that is driving you crazy in anticipation? To spread some holiday cheer, there is a sale currently going on in the Rocketboy Knits Ravelry store - all patterns in the store are 25% off through the 31st. Some of them are even fast enough that you might manage to finish before Christmas... or you can gift a pattern to a knitting friend through Ravelry, or treat yourself to a new pattern to go with that new yarn! Here's the link: Whatever and whenever you celebrate, I wish you a joyful season!

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