Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Where have you been?!?!

As a kid who was tagged fairly early as the "Junior" version of my dad's nickname, "Spacey Chasey", you know I heard those words often enough after losing track of time at an inopportune moment... In trying to figure out how to get started again here, I had a vision of my smaller self and my mom having just such a conversation on a particular summer evening. The answer is simultaneously short and simple, and emotionally and logistically complex. I went into 2016 with a full head of steam following my first booth at Knit Fit Seattle, having carved out a schedule that would allow me to put in more time for designing, and things went swimmingly until late April. Then, in the space of 4 weeks, my father died suddenly in a way that took us all by surprise, and my mom almost died from something completely unrelated. It was, no surprise, a huge shock to the system for me individually and my family as a whole, and it was a full year before anything settled down into some sort of normal. I have been working on new designs through all of that, which has been its own kind of therapy, but it has been difficult to find the time and bandwidth for the less fun parts of the process that involve sitting in front of my computer. This spring and summer I have been working hard to complete all those projects for fall and winter publication. If you hear a faint chugging sound in the distance, it's just me trying to build up momentum! In the meantime, I have been posting to Instagram and Twitter occasionally (again, more of that as work progresses), and I'd love it if you'd follow me there. On Instagram I'm rocketboyknits, on Twitter @RocketBoyKnits. In my next post I'll recap some designs that actually made it out during the disruption but didn't get posted about as much as they should have, and in the meantime I'll leave you with a couple of images...

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